Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage in Residential Area

This water damage was caused by a storm. This area had a category 1 water clean-up. This means the water in the area was not dangerous, so the SERVPRO team coul... READ MORE

Storm Damage

This water damage was caused by a storm. The before picture shows the wood flooring bubbled up with water saturation. The water was a category 1, so we could mo... READ MORE

Storm Damages can cause Wet Walls

Storm damage can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It may not always be the case of lightening or hail damage to the outside of a property. This home had s... READ MORE

Storm Damage

This home fell victim to viscous storms that flooded the entire house. The owners of this home had never dealt with SERVPRO before, but they called SERVPRO®... READ MORE

Storm Damage can lead to Sump Pump Failure

The before photo shows sewage contents on the floor of a home. This home experienced a sewage failure during a storm, which led to the contents spreading over t... READ MORE

Roofing Storm Damage

SERVPRO not only offers water and fire damage services, but storm damage restoration maintenance too. Storm damages are more common than you may think, especial... READ MORE