Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Ice Blasting After

Here is the "After" photo of an Ice Blasting to a hotel in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. This hotel had severe fire damage. Ice Blasting got the smoke, soot, and other fire damage off the wall.

Ice Blasting

Fire damage can leave behind smoke, soot, and charred walls that seems like they can never be fixed. SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd & Knott Counties brings our customers Ice Blasting. Ice Blasting takes walls that have severe fire damage, back to "Like it never even happened."

Trained Team of Marketing Professionals

Our team of marketing professionals go above and beyond for the company. They are constantly doing training's on and the off the job. They keep up to date on industry trends, and they are active on social media to keep in touch with their customers from insurance agents to business owners. Our team of marketing representatives are here to help you during your time of emergencies. 

Water Damage

It's the water you do not see that can make the greatest impact on your home or business, if not cleaned correctly. The photo demonstrates a building that has had water damage on a floor from above. Not only does the structure of the home get damaged, but the HVAC unit undergoes damages as well. It is important to get it dried in the most efficient and correctly way to not further damage your home or HVAC unit.

Water Damaged Carpet

In this photo, you can see a clearly water damaged carpet. The water goes halfway into the living room and into the neighboring room. With water damage of this nature, you have to make sure the carpet it dry and the padding is removed. We ended up lifting the carpet to dry it more efficiently. 

Water Damage in Prestonsburg, KY

Another water damage occurred in Prestonsburg, Kentucky. SERVPRO® of Pike, Floyd, & Knott Counties were on the scene to dry the flooring of this home. The photo demonstrates how we raise the carpet to dry underneath. We always aim to repair not replace. We do not want our customers to spend any more money than they have to. Sometimes, replacing the carpet is a must, depending on the water category; however, in this home we were able to save the carpet and adequately dry the areas.